Development outsourcing “in-house”

Hiring a full time or part-time developer just got really easy.

Whether you are looking for a full stack developer or a software engineer, assistance with a one-time project or long-term job, CoolCat Digital has got your back.

Benefit from working with a dedicated full-time, in-house developer without incurring exorbitant costs and liabilities.

We provide you with an experienced and trustworthy developer who can assist you on a full or part-time basis at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house developer.

Dedicated Developers

Why Use CoolCat Digital to Hire Developers?

We hand pick each and every one of our developers, ensuring they have proven experience in their field. If you are not satisfied with your assigned developer, we will be more than happy to select a new one for you – no paperwork or hassle required.

Our developers work remotely on a full or part-time basis, depending on your requirements.

Avoid working with unreliable freelancers who have no loyalty to your project or business. We always remain in the picture by providing you with a project manager at no additional cost.

Along with our programming languages, we also speak business, which is why we’re able to help you select a developer that would be suited to your specific project requirements and business goals.

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Affordable Solutions

Depending on the type of developer you require, we can provide you with a full-time developer for an average of $5,000 per month. In comparison, hiring an in-house developer can cost you well over $120,000 per year in salary alone – not to mention other tax and liability costs.

double your workforce

When you hire a dedicated developer through us, you instantly add a developer as well as a project manager to your workforce, ensuring your needs are met at every stage of your project. Our project managers are highly experienced, speak English, and have a thorough understanding of business and technology requirements.

Trustworthy Developers
Outsource with Confidence

At CoolCat Digital, quality is key. Our developers are not only highly-skilled and professional but are a part of our trustworthy team. They are committed to CoolCat as well as our clients and fully understand the value of confidentiality.

less headaches, more flexibility

As business owners, we know the risks and responsibility that entails hiring new staff. From payroll taxes, and workers’ insurance, to wrongful termination suits, save all the headaches and risks involved in full time staff. Purchase professional development work as a service through us, and save a bundle in the process. We take care of all the administrative stuff.

Sourcing / Benefits

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Access Our Network of Global IT Experts

CoolCat Digital is a trusted name in the IT sector and we’ve helped countless businesses of varying sizes find the right developers to fulfill their project requirements. As a CoolCat client, we give you access to our vast network of global IT experts and software engineers, while we take care of the admin.

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No Contracts

No Long-Term Contract Concerns

Most outsourcing agencies want long-term commitments and contracts but at CoolCat, we give you the freedom to pick the duration of your contract based on your project and budgetary requirements.

Half Time
Part Time Dedicated Developer
Dedicated Account Manager
Long Term Contract
$45/h for Overtime?

Tailor Made Packages

Dedicated Developer
Account Manager
Long Term Contract
Minimum Number of Hours Fee

Tailor Made Packages

Do you have a project?

Whether you want a bargain price for a top quality “turn-key” web or mobile application, or simply want to take advantage of our top of the line email marketing or ppc management services, just let us know. We would love to discuss your project.