Pay Per Click

Go from worrying about limiting your pay per click budget to wishing you could spend 10x more each day!

Pay Per Click

Linking Your Business Goals to PPC Marketing

At CoolCat Digital, we understand business as well as online marketing. We’ve found that most businesses want to limit their pay per click budgets because the accounts are losing money – even though pay per click advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach their target audiences.

We focus on profitable ROI and ROAS and optimizing your PPC campaigns to bring you real results. In fact, our clients are more than willing to increase their PPC marketing budgets once they realise what’s actually possible with the right approach.

Our PPC services include the development and management of Google AdWords, Facebook, and Linkedin campaigns.

More Profit Per Click

When you discover how profitable your pay per click campaigns can be, you will never want to limit your spend again.

Reach the Right Audience

Reach your target audience where it counts – not where every other brand is running campaigns.

PPC Campaign Management Made Easy

Pay per click campaign optimization requires care and attention to detail, not a machine-based algorithm.

Boutique-Quality PPC Managemet

If you’re looking for a personal, boutique level of service and top notch PPC campaign management, give us a call. No obligations, no long-term contracts, just results.

AdWords Perfection

At CoolCat Digital, we don’t believe in serving average, run-of-the-mill Google AdWords campaigns. While other digital marketing agencies might impress with complexity, we prove our worth with results.

As a CoolCat client, you will be dealing with a small team of PPC advertising experts who are well versed in digital marketing as well as business, which means you can expect a customized, intelligent, and profitable PPC advertising campaign.

PPC Campaign Management
No Contracts

No Contract – Just Results

While some digital marketing agencies prefer long-term commitments, CoolCat Digital has confidence in the abilities of our PPC campaign managers, which is why we offer our PPC services on a month-to-month basis.

Do you have a project?

Whether you want a bargain price for a top quality “turn-key” web or mobile application, or simply want to take advantage of our top of the line email marketing or ppc management services, just let us know. We would love to discuss your project.