Email Marketing

CoolCat Digital is ahead of the game when it comes to Email Marketing. We will help you acquire potential customers and create revenue from your lists.

Behavioral Email Marketing

Email Marketing has gone far beyond newsletters. The productive way to earn money from your visitors is to send them personalized content when the time is right. CoolCat Digital is an expert in Behavioral Email Automation and knows just how and when to engage with customers to help close the funnel.

Newsletter Campaigns

Send out newsletter campaigns when they matter most without spamming your customers

Timing and Content are King

With the right content at the right time you will see open and click rates

Triggered Automated Workflows

Send out dynamic and personalized emails to only those who want
to read them

Email Marketing Maximized

Email Marketing is the most effective re-marketing tool out there today.
It is always easier to up sell than it is to find and sell to a new customer and email marketing does wonders

Hand Made Perfection

CoolCat Digital uses data science together with a visitors’ behavior on your site to determine what email and with what content they should receive at the right time.


Sending out newsletters just because the other guy is doing it is not the right way to go. Campaigns should go out when they matter most and when your user base will engage with them.

Do you have a project?

Whether you want a bargain price for a top quality “turn-key” web or mobile application, or simply want to take advantage of our top of the line email marketing or ppc management services, just let us know. We would love to discuss your project.